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Kuykendall, Victoria Elizabeth
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Victoria Kuykendall is a teacher of record at USC, where she is currently attending school for her Ph.D. She received her MA and BA at Texas State University, where she also worked as a teacher of record. She is a six-time published author in the following works: CC&D Magazine: "The New World;" "Nothing Lasts;" "Negative Space; Expressions!;" AIPF, and now, Cuentos and Testimonies II. She has been a featured author at a multitude of different venues, where she performed not only her work but also professionally MC’d/hosted events for published fiction/nonfiction authors. Victoria’s research areas include British literature, children’s literature, medieval literature, renaissance literature, feminist literature, disability studies, and race/ethnicity. In her commitment to equality, she has attended international conferences to discuss essential issues involving race and gender/sex, while teaching about feminism, diversity, and rhetorical frameworks like CDA to her ENG 1310 and 1320 classrooms.
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Texas State University, Dept. of English