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  • Women’s Historic Public Engagement: Finding Public Administration in the Peace and Suffrage Movements 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2019-11-07)
    This powerpoint presentation looks at the intersection of public administration with the women's peace and suffrage movements. It uses the contributions of Mary Livermore and Jane Addams as a way to capture these movements ...
  • Cassandra and Bread Givers: The College Speeches of Jane Addams 

    Shields, Patricia M. (Ramapo College of New Jersey, 2019-05-15)
    This Blog for the Ramapo College Jane Addams Papers Project highlights Addams’s college speeches. In both, Bread Givers and Cassandra, Addams speculates about the future roles and challenges of educated women.
  • Feminism and Peace: Jane Addams's Legacy 

    Shields, Patricia M.; Weber, Eric Thomas; Cashio, Anthony (2019-03-29)
    In episode 84 of Philosophy Bakes Bread, Dr. Eric Thomas Weber and Dr. Anthony Cashio interview Dr. Patricia Shields on “Feminism and Peace: Jane Addams's Legacy.”
  • Jane Addams' Social Ethics 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2018-04-24)

    This video presents a penetrating examination of the legendary Jane Addams' view of social ethics.

  • Exploring Civil-Military Relations: Janowitz, Pragmatism and Peace Support Operations 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2011-01-28)
    This presentation was prepared for the Civil-Military Relations Peace Support Operations Seminar Series at the Swedish National Defense College (2011). It examines the pragmatism informed, civil military relations perspective ...
  • Armed Forces and Society: Building Civil-Military Relations Scholarship 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2009-06)
    This presentation for the Swedish National Defense College examines the role the journal Armed Forces & Society plays in developing civil-military relations literature. It examines the works of Samuel Huntington and Morris ...
  • Exploring the Working Hypothesis 

    Shields, Patricia M.; Rangarajan, Nandhini; Casula, Mattia (2019-05-30)
    This PowerPoint presentation complements the conference paper It is a Working Hypothesis: Searching for Truth in a Post-Truth World. It highlights ...
  • It is a Working Hypothesis: Searching for Truth in a Post-Truth World 

    Shields, Patricia M.; Rangarajan, Nandhini; Casula, Mattia (2019-05)
    Public administration research methodology should be flexible and comprehensive enough to include many methodologies and approaches to inquiry. In this paper we show how certain kinds of qualitative and mixed method studies ...
  • Recovering Jane Addams: Public Administration Pioneer 

    Shields, Patricia M.; Guy, Mary Ellen (2019-03-10)
    This presentation makes the case that the field of public administration should recover diverse voices from its past. It does this by showcasing Jane Addams as an unrecognized pioneer. It highlights her remarkable life and ...
  • What She Said: How Jane Addams Informs Public Administration 

    Shields, Patricia M.; Guy, Mary Ellen (2019-02-21)
    This BookTalk introduces the remarkable Jane Addams as a pioneer of public administration and so much more. It uses Jane Addams story to make the case that public administration should reimagine its past by incorporating ...
  • History of Women's Reform Movement 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2019-01-31)
    This presentation looks at the history of women's reform movements mostly in the US. It focuses on three important women, Florence Nightingale, Mary Livermore and Jane Addams. It incorporates the British and US Sanitary ...
  • Academic Publishing in Military Studies: Insights from an Experienced Editor 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2018-10)
    This is a workshop on publishing in military studies presented at the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society - Canada. It includes a discussion of how articles in military studies are ranked and rated, the ...
  • A Research Playbook: Tools to Manage the Process While Enhancing Coherence and Creativity 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2018-09-17)
    Have you ever made a connection between football and award-winning student research? This workshop introduces The Playbook for Research Methods: Integrating conceptual frameworks and project management. Using extensive ...
  • Response to: Big Questions Surrounding Gender Equity 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2018-07-09)
    This post is a response in the John Jay Women in the Public Sector blog. It responds to a post by Maria D'Agostina and Nicole Elias original (included here too) which looked at issues surrounding gender equity in academia ...
  • Encouraging Creativity in Applied Research Design 

    Rangarajan, Nandhini; Shields, Patricia M. (2018-06-02)
    This conference presentation examines ways to infuse creativity into the applied research process. We draw from creativity literature in philosophy, pragmatism, management, organizational psychology, environmental psychology, ...
  • Pragmatism and Public Administration Research Methodology 

    Shields, Patricia M.; Whetsell, Travis A. (2018-06-02)
    This presentation discusses the role of classical pragmatism in research methodology for public administration theory and practice. It lays out basics of pragmatic inquiry as developed by John Dewey in Logic the Theory ...
  • Pragmatism and Public Administration Theory: On Christopher Ansell's Pragmatist Democracy 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2018-06)
    This paper is part of a panel discussion of Christopher Ansell’s 2011 book Pragmatist Democracy at the Public Administration Theory Network annual conference. It presents Pat Shields’s reflections on the book, a short ...
  • How Jane Addams Ideas of Peace became part of a US Army War College (Parameters) Publication 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2018-03-27)
    This presentation, given at the Texas State Department of Political Science, traces an intellectual journey that led to a publication in the US Army War College journal Parameters. It is the story of how ideas emerge and ...
  • Effective Writing: Useful Tools 

    Shields, Patricia M. (2018-03-09)
    This Powerpoint presentation demonstrates useful tools for writing research papers (20+ pages). One of the tools (Step notebook) helps to transform a writing assignment into a project, that is then managed. This makes the ...
  • Limits of Negative Peace, Faces of Positive Peace 

    Shields, Patricia M. (US Army War College, 2017-09)
    This commentary reminds policymakers of the opposing forces of positive and negative peace within the sphere of national defense. Lest leaders balance the dominate strategy of active defense with the state of positive ...

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