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dc.contributor.advisorHaas, Ron
dc.contributor.editorBenacquisto, Kaitlyn
dc.contributor.editorMcDaniel, Kathryn
dc.contributor.editorClagett, Cheyanne
dc.contributor.editorPaterson, Anneke
dc.contributor.editorHansen, Heather
dc.contributor.editorAbbott, Bridgette
dc.contributor.editorSult, Shelby
dc.contributor.editorLamoureux, Lynsey
dc.contributor.editorMatherly, Brianna
dc.description.abstractA peer-reviewed journal for multidisciplinary student research.en_US

Table of Contents

  • A Dishonest Wardrobe: Fashion and Costume in Geoffery Chaucer's "General Prologue" (page 06)
  • Waiting for Dat Boi: An Absurdist Defense of Internet Humor (page 14)
  • And the Winner for Best Abortion Girl is: Performance and Religious Identity in Evangelical Hell Houses (page 20)
  • Behind the Screens: A History of Women's Roles in Filmmaking (page 30)
  • Mastery of Fear: Assessing the Likelihood of Nuclear Terrorism (page 36)
  • Girls Only: The Use and Abuse of Female-Centric Events in Patriarchal Religions (page 50)
  • The Transformation of the Epic Form through Milton's Paradise Lost
  • American News Bias: Consequences of American News Coverage Through the Events of the 2006 Lebanon War (page 66)
  • Border Town: Subversion of Mexican-American Racialized Stereotypes in the American Southwest (page 73)
dc.format.extent86 pages
dc.format.medium1 file (.pdf)
dc.publisherTexas State Universityen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTexas State Undergraduate Research Journal
dc.subjectMultidisciplinary researchen_US
dc.titleTexas State Undergraduate Research Journal, Volume 8, Issue 1, Spring 2020en_US



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