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The Journal of Research on Women and Gender is a peer-reviewed online electronic publication. The mission of the Journal is to promote critical dialogue about the experiences of women and persons of various gender identities in diverse cultural contexts.

Table of Contents

  • Democracy's broken promise in fin-de-siècle British and American women's literature. Christine Zabala (pp. 4-14)
  • Building strength: Strength training attitudes and behaviors of all-women's and coed gym exercisers. Andrea Elizabeth Mercurio, Brandi N. Rima, Katrina Obleada (pp. 15-29)
  • "Trans broken arm": Health care stories from transgender people in rural areas. Douglas Knutson, Julie M. Koch, Tori Arthur, T. Andrew Mitchell, Meredith A. Martyr (pp. 30-46)
  • He or She: Does gender affect various modes of instructional visual design? Sanju Saha, Santoshi Halder (pp. 47-58)
  • Representations of Lean In and The Feminine Mystique in social media: A look at Pinterest pins. Mia Moody-Ramirez, Liz Fassih (pp. 59-74)
  • Sacred violence, sacred bodies: A Girardian analysis of violence among women of color. Richard Thomas (pp. 75-84)
  • Assertiveness and 'somebodyness': Theatre strategies and resources to enhance achievement of African American girls, K-12. Sandra M. Mayo (pp. 85-98)
  • Contributors (pp. 99-101)
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dc.publisherTexas State University, Center for Diversity and Gender Studiesen_US
dc.titleJournal of Research on Women and Gender [Volume 7, Issue 1]en_US



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