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Recent Submissions

  • The Press Looks at Lyndon: A Study of the Political Career of Lyndon B. Johnson as It Was Depicted in the Press of His Time, 1940-1965 

    Vaverek, Margaret A. (1984-12)
    The press is an important aspect of any politician's career. The purpose of this is to examine the career of Lyndon Baines Johnson as it was reported in the pages of the newspapers of Texas. The study has been limited to ...
  • Progressivism in Texas: The Origins of LBJ's Educational Philosophy 

    Preuss, Gene B. (1993-07)
    No abstract prepared.
  • The Early Political Life of Lyndon B. Johnson, 1931-1937 

    Knippa, Jr., Edwin William (1967-08)
    No abstract prepared.
  • Connections: Lyndon B. Johnson in San Marcos 

    Murdock, Pat; Rowe, T Cay; Barnes, Sean (2009-04)
    This book sets forth the connections between Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President of the United States, and the unique relationship he had with his Alma Mater, now Texas State University-San Marcos. The story of LBJ's ...
  • The LBJ the Nation Seldom Saw 

    Hardesty, Robert L. (Southwest Texas State University, 1983-08-27)
    Prepared to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the birth date of Lyndon Baines Johnson, 36th President of the United States and Distinguished Alumnus of Southwest Texas State University.
  • The Student Editorials of Lyndon Baines Johnson 

    Unknown author (Southwest Texas State College, 1968-01)
    Compilation of the signed student editorials of Lyndon Baines Johnson from 1927 and 1928 when he served as editor of the school newspaper, The College Star. Johnson attended SWT 1927-1930.
  • Rugged Summit 

    Nichols, Tom Watson (Southwest Texas State University, 1970-01)
    The core of this story is a biography of Dr. Cecil Eugene Evans (1871-1958) who was President of Southwest Texas State 1911-1942. However, it was impossible to present the life of this man with a true and accurate perspective ...
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson: The Formative Years 

    Pool, William C.; Craddock, Emmie; Conrad, David E. (Southwest Texas State College Press, 1965-01)
    The narrative that comprises the pages of this book is a story of the pioneer background, the home, and the environmental factors that influenced the early life of Lyndon Baines Johnson. Beginning with the early history ...
  • LBJ as a Student Editor 

    Roche, Bruce (Society of Professional Journalists, 1964-02)
    No abstract prepared.