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Stowers 10

dc.contributorZimmerman, Jacken_US
dc.contributorDeGuerin, Dicken_US
dc.contributorThieman, Ronalden_US
dc.contributorGent, Bruceen_US
dc.contributorGent, Lisaen_US
dc.contributorSessions, Williamen_US
dc.contributorHossack, Geoffreyen_US
dc.contributorFosen, Roberten_US
dc.contributorMarcenko, Richarden_US
dc.contributorDaly, Timen_US
dc.contributorLauria, Danen_US
dc.contributorJohnson, Sueen_US
dc.contributorAmmerman, Nancyen_US
dc.contributorMcDonald, Chucken_US
dc.contributorCox, Mikeen_US
dc.contributorSheehy, Boben_US
dc.contributorSykes, Charlesen_US
dc.contributorGramm, Philen_US
dc.contributorBoxer, Barbaraen_US
dc.contributorRichardson, Garyen_US
dc.contributorDiConcini, Dennisen_US
dc.contributorKearney, Jeffen_US
dc.contributorHolub, Jeanen_US
dc.contributorKing, Larryen_US
dc.contributorKoppel, Teden_US
dc.creatorStowers, Carltonen_US
dc.descriptionCondition: Good
dc.description.abstractNews programs in the days following the fire: two Larry King Live segments; local news reports about crime scene and recovery of bodies; ABC News Special Report - 'Waco: The Decision to Die'; Entertainment Tonight segment on TV movie production about Koresh; two Nightline programs; various CNN reports; CNN Crossfire segment; live coverage of press conference, re: crime scene
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dc.subjectTV Programen_US
dc.titleNews reports, April 1993en_US
dc.titleStowers 10en_US
txstate.source.locationSouthwestern Writers Collectionen_US
txstate.source.locationDick J. Reavis Papersen_US
dcterms.subjectPolice investigations
dcterms.subjectMount Carmel
dcterms.subjectBranch Davidians
dcterms.subjectPalestine camp
dcterms.subjectFederal Bureau of Investigation
dcterms.subjectUnited States. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms



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  • Ashes of Waco
    Selections from journalist Dick Reavis’ research into the raid, siege and burning of the Branch Davidians’ Mount Carmel Center near Waco, Texas by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) and the FBI, as well as background on the Branch Davidian religious sect who lived there.

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