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  • Social Media Behaviors and Psychosocial Predictors of Social Media Addiction 

    Howard, Krista; Roming, Sinjin M.P.; Ceballos, Natalie A.; Dailey, Stephanie; Grimes, Tom (2018-02-23)
    Social media addiction is an ongoing problem. Maladaptive social and personal factors associated with addiction can include: - Preoccupation with social media; - Withdrawal symptoms; - Replacing important activities (sleep, ...
  • The Seven Communication Reasons Organizations Do Not Change 

    Salem, Philip J. (Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2008-01-01)
    Data describe six common communication behaviors during failed organizational change efforts. The combination of these behaviors suggests a seventh pattern. Communication during failed efforts seldom involves enough ...
  • Keynote Address: Finding the Sweet Spot in Human Communication 

    Salem, Philip J. (2010-07-24)
    The dynamic tension in all living systems is between similarity and difference. There are many sets of polarized terms representing this tension, but chaos and complexity scholars recognized this tension as amounts of ...
  • Organizational Communication and Higher Education 

    Salem, Philip J.; Gratz, Robert D. (American Association for Higher Education, 1981-01-01)
    This research report examines major themes in the literature related to organizational communication and higher education. Academic institutions are social systems whose primary function is information processing, and, as ...