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dc.contributor.advisorShields, Patricia M.
dc.contributor.authorZech, Charles E. ( )
dc.identifier.citationZech, C. E. (2008). An analysis of Texas home rule charters. Masters of Public Administration, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas.

Purpose: The purpose of this Applied Research Project is two-fold. The first is a description of the content of current Texas home rule charters. The second is a description of what changes, if any, have occurred in that content since Blodgett's 1994 monograph.

Method: The research method is a hybrid approach combining surveys and content analysis in order to determine how local government is structured within Texas home rule charters. Survey questionnaire/coding sheets are sent out to the 340 currently existing home rule cities in Texas which are then used to review their content for a determination of what, if any, changes have occurred in home rule structure since 1994.

Findings: Overall findings reveal forms of government remain relatively unchanged since Blodgett's 1994 survey. However, certain aspects of those forms have changed. Generally, there is a trend towards requiring more unanimity in city council decisions, an increase in term limit requirements, and increased mandatory capital budget requirements.

dc.format.extent122 pages
dc.format.medium1 file (.pdf)
dc.sourceAn Applied Research Project Submitted to the Department of Political Science, Texas State University-San Marcos, in Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements for the Degree of Masters of Public Administration, Summer 2008.
dc.subjectHome ruleen_US
dc.subjectLocal governmenten_US
dc.subjectCity manageren_US
dc.subjectCity councilen_US
dc.titleAn Analysis of Texas Home Rule Chartersen_US
dc.contributor.committeeMemberHofer, Martha Kay
dc.contributor.committeeMemberAutry, Micky
dc.description.departmentPolitical Science



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