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dc.contributor.authorAquino, Genedine Manglona ( )
dc.identifier.citationAquino, G. M. (2013). Help for heroes: A reintegration handbook for Texas National Guard and Reserve Members and Veterans. Texas State University, San Marcos, TX.

The purpose of this handbook is to identify and describe services available to Texas National Guard and Reserve (NGR) members and veterans who have returned from combat deployments in Afghanistan (OEF) and Iraq (OIF). This is an effort to reduce and alleviate the effects of war on NGR members and veterans, and to facilitate the successful reintegration of this population as they transition from a combat military setting to a civilian environment.

The handbook identifies resources to help combat four major post-deployment issues: PTSD, relationship distress, unemployment, and alcohol and substance abuse.

The handbook provides a directory of public and private service providers and resources available throughout Texas. It offers program details, as well as contact information for agencies and resources. Many of these resources are accessible in almost every U.S. state and territory through the use of the Internet and toll-free phone numbers.

For ease-of-access and convenience, each section of this handbook offers a “Quick List” of services, website addresses and toll-free numbers, if available.

Service providers and military installations can use the handbook as a supplemental guide for clients/troops by: providing copies of the handbook to their clients/troops, displaying a master copy in waiting areas frequented by service members or veterans, or by providing a link to the handbook on their organization’s website.

This handbook was submitted by Genedine M. Aquino to the Department of Political Science at Texas State University—San Marcos in partial fulfillment for the requirements for the Degree of Masters of Public Administration, and is available online at Digital Collections at Texas State University (

dc.format.extent29 pages
dc.format.medium1 file (.pdf)
dc.relationThis handbook is part of an Applied Research Project, Texas National Guard and Reserve Members and Veterans: Post-Deployment and Reintegration Problems and the Services to Meet those Needs,
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dc.titleHelp for Heroes: A Reintegration Handbook for Texas National Guard and Reserve Members and Veteransen_US
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