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Recent Submissions

  • The Ties That Bind 

    Renick, Oren; Osborne, Randall E.; Hamid, Megan (The TMA Press: Thompson, Mohr & Associates, Inc., 2006-01-01)
    No abstract prepared.
  • Meaning in Motivation: Does Your Organization Need an Inner Life? 

    Morrison, Eileen E.; Burke, George C.; Greene, Lloyd (Southern Public Administration Education Foundation, 2007-08-01)
    Leaders of health care organizations are increasingly interested in ways to attract, retain, and gain commitment from their employees. This interest is created in part because high turnover rates and the lack of commitment ...
  • Beyond Self-Actualization 

    Greene, Lloyd; Burke, George C. (Southern Public Administration Education Foundation, 2007-12-01)
    No abstract prepared.