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Creator: Austin Film Festival

Collection #: 125

Biographical Note: The Austin Film Festival, a non-profit organization founded in 1994 and based in Austin, Texas, hosts an annual Austin Film Festival & Conference, a gathering of professional and amateur screenwriters and filmmakers to participate in panel presentations, parties, Screenplay and Teleplay Competitions, and screenings. It was the first event of its kind to focus on screenwriters and filmmakers, and refers to itself as “the writers’ conference.”

Scope and Contents: The collection consists of audio and video media and digital files of recordings of Austin Film Festival Festival & Conference panel presentations from 1994-1996 and 2003-2007.

The Austin Film Festival prioritizes digitization by date and topic, thus not all conference sessions are digitized. The Austin Film Festival is continuing to digitize materials and we expect further donations. Listed here are recordings that are available online. A full description of the collection and complete listing of recordings can be found at .

Processing Information: Processed by Lauren Goodley and Evaliza Fuentes

Preferred Citation: [Item title, date], Austin Film Festival Conference Recordings, Southwestern Writers Collection, Texas State University.

Use Restrictions: These materials are protected under copyright. For use and publication please visit .

Online Collection Inventory

Presentations, 1994

“All the World's A Screen,” October 14, 1994. Jim Hart.

“Case Study: Men in Black,” October 14, 1994. Ed Solomon, Barry Josephson.

“Master Class: Jim Hart on Story Structure,” October 15, 1994. Jim Hart.

“Matt Gross,” October 15, 1994. Matt Gross.

“Keynote Address by Frank Pierson, President of WGAw,” 1994.

Presentations, 1995

“Craft Session: The Speed of the Art,” October 5, 1995. Shane Black, Christopher McQuarrie.

“Craft Session: On the Edge of Your Seat,” October 6, 1995. Scott Frank.

“Closing Remarks,” October 8, 1995. Bill Wittliff.

“Master Class II: Robin Swicord,” 1995. Robin Swicord.

“Semi-Finalists Panel / Master Class III: Bill Broyles & Al Reinert,” 1995. Bill Broyles, Al Reinert.

Presentations, 1996

“Sense and Sensibility: Should I Spend All My Time Writing the Next Die Hard IV?” October 10, 1996. Greg Beal.

“Master Class with Bill Wittliff,” October 12, 1996. Bill Wittliff.

“Master Class with Polly Platt,” October 12, 1996. Polly Platt.

“Heart of the Matter with Bill Wittliff,” 1996. Bill Wittliff.

Presentations, 2003

“Up Close and Personal: Tom Fontana,” October 10, 2003. Tom Fontana.

“Action and Stuff,” October 11, 2003. Michael Brandt, Derek Haas, Barry Josephson, Scott Rosenberg.

“Up Close and Personal: Frank Pierson,” October 11, 2003. Frank Pierson, Robert Draper (moderator).

Presentations, 2004

“On Writing: Action/Adventure,” October 16, 2004. John August, Shane Black, Michael Brandt, Barry Josephson (moderator).

“Inspirational Panel,” October 17, 2004. Barry Blaustein, Bill Wittliff, Bud Shrake (moderator).

Presentations, 2005

“Script Coverage,” October 21, 2005. Greg Beal, Juliana Farrell.

“Writers Who Direct,” October 21, 2005. Shane Black, Terry George, Andrew Shea (moderator).

“Writing Action/Suspense,” October 21, 2005. Shane Black, Howard Gordon, Ted Tally, Barry Josephson.

“Writing Settings and Descriptions,” October 21, 2005. Buck Henry, Bill Wittliff, Bud Shrake (moderator).

King of the Hill: Behind the Drawings,” October 22, 2005. John Altschuler, Jim Dauterive, Dave Krinsky, Turk Pipkin.

“Up Close and Personal: Harold Ramis,” October 22, 2005. Harold Ramis, Judd Apatow.

“Up Close and Personal: Mike Judge,” October 22, 2005. Mike Judge, Jim Dauterive (moderator).

“Writer's Block,” October 23, 2005. Brent Hanley, Anne Rapp, Bill Wittliff, Bud Shrake.

Presentations, 2006

“The Art of the Pitch,” October 19, 2006. John August, Jessica Bendinger, Alex Smith (moderator).

“Second Rounder Panel: Writers,” October 20, 2006. Jessica Bendinger, Shane Black, Greg Beal.

“The Art of the Pitch,” October 21, 2006. Christopher McQuarrie, Bob Soderstrom, Christopher Vogler, Juliana Farrell (moderator).

The State to Stella and Beyond,” October 21, 2006. Michael Showalter, Michael Ian Black.

“Up Close and Personal: David Milch,” October 21, 2006. David Milch, Bud Shrake (moderator).

“Writer/Directors,” October 22, 2006. Shane Black, Susannah Grant, Amy Talkington, Allen Odom (moderator).

Presentations, 2007

“A Shot of Inspiration,” October 11, 2007. Daniel Petrie, Jr., Robin Swicord, Dawn W. (moderator).

“Finding the Voice: Dialogue,” October 12, 2007. Nicholas Kazan, Aline Brosh McKenna, Terry Rossio, Robert Draper (moderator).

“Punch it Up: Joke Writing,” October 12, 2007. Steve Faber, Chuck Sklar, Ed Solomon, Larry Wilmore.

“Late Night TV,” October 12, 2007. Chuck Sklar, Dan French, Warren Etheredge (moderator).

“A Conversation with Glenn Gordon Caron,” October 12, 2007. Glenn Gordon Caron, Dan Petrie, Jr. (moderator).

“A Conversation with Oliver Stone,” October 13, 2007. Oliver Stone, Jane Sumner (moderator).

“A Conversation with John Milius,” October 13, 2007. John Milius, Jane Sumner (moderator).

“In the Trenches: Writing a War Film,” October 13, 2007. Oliver Stone, John Milius, Barry Josephson.

Born on the Fourth of July Q&A,” October 13, 2007. Oliver Stone.

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