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Published biannually in Fall and Spring, the J-CASP seeks articles on such topics as pre-assessment, assessment, and interventions for college readiness; college placement, academic advising, and counseling and completion pathways; and developmental education course models and innovations for developmental mathematics, postsecondary literacy, and student success literacy (e.g. co-requisite, contextualized, accelerated, emporiums, integrated, paired, learning communities, academic bridge programs, and boot camps). Additional topics include but are not limited to non-course based options (NBCOs) and learning support models such as tutoring, mentoring, coaching, computer-based instruction, content-based learning labs, and various types of peer-educator support programs.

Official website: Journal of College Academic Support Programs

Recent Submissions

  • Journal of College Academic Support Programs 

    Sawyer, Pamela; Donaldson, Tammy; McConnell, Michael C.; Dove, Samantha; Altomare, Tanu K.; Moreno-Gongora, Ashley N.; Saxon, D. Patrick; Martirosyan, Nara; LeBlanc, Theresa Rene; Bishop, Tammy J.; Lane, Forrest; Threadgill, Elizabeth J.; Paulson, Eric J.; Trammell, Jack; Young, Mary Ellen; Jones, Melisa; Stich, Ashley N. (The Education Institute, Texas State University, 2018-02)
    Inaugural issue of the Journal of College Academic Support Programs (J-CASP).