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dc.description.abstractThe Center for Texas Music History is a nonprofit educational program designed to help students, scholars, and the general public better understand how Texas music reflects the richly diverse ethnic and cultural heritage of the American Southwest. Within its first few years, the Center has developed a number of very successful projects focusing on the preservation and study of Southwestern music history. In order to continue this success, we need your help. Your contribution will help fund continued publication of ‘The Journal of Texas Music History’ along with all the other important educational and preservation projects we have underway. We are very grateful to the donors listed on this page. They have made a personal commitment to preserving the musical heritage of the Southwest. Their efforts will help us continue to increase awareness of how Texas music represents the unique historical development of the region.
dc.format.extent4 pages
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dc.publisherThe Center for Texas Music Historyen_US
dc.sourceJournal of Texas Music History, 2012, Vol. 12, Issue 1.
dc.titleDonors [2012]en_US



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