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Recent Submissions

  • Impacts of Mindfulness and Physical Activity on Depression 

    Monceaux, Julianna; Yepez, Marissa; Ulliman, Jennifer; Parajes, Kristen (2019-05)
    Depression will be the leading cause of disease burden across the world regardless of age, gender, or income. Physical activity and mindfulness are non-pharmacological treatments that have been shown to decrease depressive ...
  • Health Literacy and Health Behaviors in Adults 

    Hamilton, Rebecca; Barlow, Vanessa; Qiu, Shan; Debault, Jon (2019-05)
    Health literacy is fundamental to healthcare as it requires individuals to actively participate in decision-making and illness management. Low health literacy leads to increased medical errors, poor use of health services, ...
  • Obesity and Sedentary Lifestyle as Predictors of Anxiety and Depression 

    Boykin, Caitlin; Seidel, Sandra; Webre, Ginger (2019-05)
    There is a high prevalence of psychological distress and obesity with subsequent chronic disease in the United States. The aim of this study was to explore the relationships among obesity, physical activity, and health ...