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The Texas State University Undergraduate Research Conference and Honors Thesis Forum celebrates and showcases the research of TXST undergraduate students in all academic areas. For more details, and a complete list of past winners and schedules, visit the official Conference Event Site.

Recent Submissions

  • What Makes You Happy? Using Statistical Analysis to Measure Significance of Happiness Scores 

    Lopanec, Brittney; Batterton, Katlyn; Maldonado, Luis (2018-04-26)
    Happiness is a state of mind that relates to life satisfaction and positive experience of emotions. Happiness is recognized as a measure for social progress. It depicts the effectiveness of a country. We have used clustering ...
  • Adding Value to Hydroponic Production with Oyster Mushrooms 

    Soza, Marisol; Wendt, Eric; Mix, Kenneth D.; Wagner, Nicole (2018-04-26)
    Specialty mushrooms, such as shiitakes and oysters, are a high value crop which totaled $96 million in sales in 2017. Oyster mushrooms are sold at $3.10/pound, illustrating their economic value (USDA, 2017). To produce ...
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Study of an Atmospheric Water Generator 

    Aina, Olaoluwa (2018-04-26)
    The goal of this project is to use Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to study an Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) to aid the development of an optimal AWG configuration. The AWG utilizes a thermoelectric cooler (or ...
  • Cameron County Community: Social and Epidemiological Assessment 

    Gonzalez, Sarah; Limon, Alberto; Davila, Dominique; McAnamey, Ashley; Boyd, Kristin (2018-04-26)
    Introduction: This assessment sought to determine the behavioral, environmental, and health issues that impact overall quality of life in Cameron County. Methods: The Precede-Proceed model was used to frame the assessment ...