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Digital Frontiers is a conference and community that explores creativity and collaboration across disciplinary boundaries in the arena of public humanities and cultural memory. Established in 2012 to respond to the need for an affordable, high-quality conference that addressed the emerging field of digital humanities from a variety of perspectives, Digital Frontiers is a truly interdisciplinary experience. The conference brings together scholars and students, librarians and archivists, genealogists and public historians to share their experience of using digital resources in the humanities.

Recent Submissions

  • Digital Libraries and Prison Labor: A Preliminary Inquiry 

    Logsdon, Alexis (2019-09-26)
    In 2015, Mother Jones shed light on the Mormon church’s use of prison labor to index genealogical records and digitize government records. A 2016, book published by ALA lauded the affordability of having one’s yearbook ...
  • If You had My Love Feat. Californication: Imaginarios de la Internet en Videos Musicales, 1999 

    Larrondo, Nicole (2019-09-26)
    En 1999 hubo una explosión en los medios de comunicación de la cultura pop por el inicio en la masificación del acceso doméstico de la internet. Ya no solamente la televisión y las revistas de papel serían parte del tiempo ...
  • Determining the Need for Library Support of Digital Humanities 

    Shelley, Anne (2019-09-26)
    The library is a natural driver for discussions about digital humanities. Work in the digital humanities is inherently interdisciplinary, and a recognized purpose of the library is to serve all disciplines on campus in ...
  • Chants and Hypertexts 

    Nardini, Luisa (2019-09-26)
    Chants and Hypertexts is a companion website for a forthcoming book that is a study and edition of a substantial body of liturgical music from medieval southern Italy, that of the prosulas of the Proper of the Mass included ...
  • No More Smashed Crabs: An Audio Journey 

    Niu, Stephanie (2019-09-26)

    Christmas Island is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, a few hundred miles off the coast of Java. It is the site of one of the most spectacular animal migrations in the world: the Christmas Island red crab migration. ...

  • Buildings of Texas: Exploring Linked Data by Mapping Places, Events and People Over Time 

    Conrad, Josh; Pierce Meyer, Kathryn; Shensky, Michael; Trelogan, Jessica (2019-09-26)
    This poster will describe an ongoing project at the University of Texas Libraries (UTL) that is transforming the way we think about place, people, and events in managing archival collections. This project was developed ...
  • Creating a Sexuality and Gender Digital Collection to Digitally Break through to the Physical 

    Zavala, Melina (2019-09-26)
    As a queer early career librarian, coming into the digital collections space at Grand Valley State University (GVSU) and not being able to see a very important part of myself reflected within the digital collection spurred ...
  • Just-In-Time Curricula: Credit Hours, Competencies, and/or Care? 

    Boyle, Casey (2019-09-26)
    In 2013, The U.S. Department of Education stipulated that federal student financial aid can be spent not only on “credit hours”, the standard measurement of achievement in higher education, but on “competencies.” These ...
  • Digital Frontiers 2019 Welcome: Tear Down the Walls 

    Keralis, Spencer D. C. (2019-09-26)
    No abstract prepared.
  • Black Women are Superheroes and Wear 'Digital Capes' Too 

    Gipson, Grace D. (2019-09-26)
    Blogs and podcasts are accessible tools that produce cultural and technical capital, which cross communities and generations. Knowing the impact of blogging and podcast is on the rise, it is important that we investigate ...
  • Embroiderers of Memories: Tearing Down Walls of Oblivion 

    Henriquez Consalvi, Carlos (2019-09-26)

    This panel will discuss the multifaceted collaboration between El Salvador’s Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen (Museum of the Word and the Image) and the University of Texas at Austin since the formalization of the ...

  • Deep Collaboration and the Labor of Digital Pedagogy in a Liberal Arts Context 

    Walden, Katherine; Purcell, Sarah; Sharpe, Celeste; Shrout, Anelise (2019-09-26)

    Small liberal arts colleges (SLACs) present a unique environment for experimenting and exploring various aspects of digital pedagogy. Motivated by the need to empower students with 21st century skills and digital literacy, ...

  • The Revolution Will Be Spotified 

    Carey, Triauna (2019-09-26)
    This paper analyzes the way musicians and genres of music are used as rhetorically effective modes of resistance during the current political and social climate in the West to break down barriers culturally and break through ...
  • The Importance of Reflection: A Call for Slow Digital Humanities 

    Berger, Claudia (2019-09-26)
    Most of the discourse around slow digital humanities has been focused on the process of building projects, or on the methods of the practitioner. While this attention to deliberate choices and values is an important part ...
  • Fandom Without Borders: The Liminal Spaces for Identity Construction Online 

    Anton Lobato, Miren Edurne (2019-09-26)
    The digital world is no locus of conviviality. When thinking of the potential of the Internet as a global space, the fallacy of conviviality is often enacted. The last 20 years, particularly after the expansion of social ...
  • Post-Custodial Collaboration at LLILAS Benson 

    Bliss, David A. (2019-09-26)

    This panel will discuss the multifaceted collaboration between El Salvador’s Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen (Museum of the Word and the Image) and the University of Texas at Austin since the formalization of the ...

  • Digital Pedagogy and Methodology to Connect Diverse Communities 

    Ortiz Baco, Joshua G. (2019-09-26)

    This panel will discuss the multifaceted collaboration between El Salvador’s Museo de la Palabra y la Imagen (Museum of the Word and the Image) and the University of Texas at Austin since the formalization of the ...

  • Resisting the Permanent Record: Blockchain Technology in Education 

    Welsh, Sarah (2019-09-26)
    The blockchain-- famous for its use as the underlying database for bitcoin--has been posed as a solution for everything from secure banking to supply chain management to, now, online education. Game designer Jane McGonigal’s ...
  • Transparency to Visibility (T2V): Network Visualization in Humanities Research 

    Graham, S. Scott; Clark, David; Majdik, Zoltan (2019-09-27)
    Bioethicists and humanistic researchers alike have long been concerned over the effects of unchecked industry money on biomedical cultures. Corporate-funded clinical trials, free lunches, free travel, and industry honoraria ...
  • GitAnnotated: Creating a Digital Annotated Bibliography on GitHub [Presentation] 

    Henson, Brea (2019-09-27)
    Librarians are experts at helping the individual move from where they are to where they want to be in terms of knowledge and access. While this can be transformative work, it is based in pragmatism in that it continues to ...

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