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  • Pattern Recognition in Epileptic EEG Signals via Dynamic Mode Decomposition 

    Seo, Jong-Hyeon; Tsuda, Ichiro; Lee, Young Ju; Ikeda, Akio; Matsuhashi, Masao; Matsumoto, Riki; Kikuchi, Takayuki; Kang, Hunseok (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2020-04-01)
    In this paper, we propose a new method based on the dynamic mode decomposition (DMD) to find a distinctive contrast between the ictal and interictal patterns in epileptic electroencephalography (EEG) data. The features ...
  • Algebraic Algorithms for Even Circuits in Graphs 

    Ha, Huy Tai; Morey, Susan (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2019-09)
    We present an algebraic algorithm to detect the existence of and to list all indecomposable even circuits in a given graph. We also discuss an application of our work to the study of directed cycles in digraphs.
  • Wormlike Micellar Solutions, Beyond the Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Restrictions 

    Nodoushan, Emad Jafari; Yi, Taeil; Lee, Young Ju; Kim, Namwon (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2019-09)
    While traditional oil recovery methods are limited in terms of meeting the overall oil demands, enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques are being continually developed to provide a principal portion of our energy demands. ...
  • On mathematicians’ disagreements on what constitutes a proof 

    Weber, Keith; Czocher, Jennifer A. (Taylor & Francis, 2019-04)
    We report the results of a study in which we asked 94 mathematicians to evaluate whether five arguments qualified as proofs. We found that mathematicians disagreed as to whether a visual argument and a computer-assisted ...
  • Parking Functions on Directed Graphs and Some Directed Trees 

    King, Westin; Yan, Catherine H. (2020-06)
    Classical parking functions can be defined in terms of drivers with preferred parking spaces searching a linear parking lot for an open parking spot. We may consider this linear parking lot as a collection of n vertices ...
  • Strategies for Assessing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching in Mathematics Content Courses 

    Patterson, Cody L.; Parrott, Amy; Belnap, Jason (The University of Montana Department of Mathematical Sciences, 2020-06)
    In their practice, teachers must not only know how to solve mathematics problems; they must also be able to make sense of students’ mathematical thinking, understand the organization and intent of curricular materials, and ...
  • DNA Methylation Heterogeneity Patterns in Breast Cancer Cell Lines 

    Tian, Sunny; Bertelsmann, Karina; Yu, Linda; Sun, Shuying (Libertas Academica, 2016-08)
    Heterogeneous DNA methylation patterns are linked to tumor growth. In order to study DNA methylation heterogeneity patterns for breast cancer cell lines, we comparatively study four metrics: variance, I (2) statistic, ...
  • Preliminary Analysis of Within-Sample Co-methylation Patterns in Normal and Cancerous Breast Samples 

    Sun, Lillian; Namboodiri, Surya; Chen, Emily; Sun, Shuying (Sage, 2019)
    DNA methylation plays a significant role in regulating the expression of certain genes in both cancerous and normal breast tissues. It is therefore important to study within-sample co-methylation, ie, methylation patterns ...
  • The Rank Function of a Positroid and Non-Crossing Partitions 

    McAlmon, Robert; Oh, Suho (Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 2020-01-10)
    A positroid is a special case of a realizable matroid that arose from the study of totally nonnegative part of the Grassmannian by Postnikov [13]. Postnikov demonstrated that positroids are in bijection with certain ...
  • Short and Long-Term Forecasting Using Artificial Neural Networks for Stock Prices in Palestine: A Comparative Study 

    Safi, Samir; White, Alexander (Universita del Salento, 2017-04)
    To compare the forecast accuracy, Artificial Neural Networks, Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average and regression models were fit with training data sets and then used to forecast prices in a test set. Three different ...
  • Regular Numbers and Mathematical Worlds 

    Whitacre, Ian; Bouhjar, Khalid; Bishop, Jessica Pierson; Philipp, Randolph A.; Schappelle, Bonnie P.; Lamb, Lisa L. (Flm Publishing Association, 2016)
    Rather than describing the challenges of integer learning in terms of a transition from positive to negative numbers, we have arrived at a different perspective: We view students as inhabiting distinct mathematical worlds ...
  • The Influence of Early STEM Career Exploration as Related to Motivation and Self-determination Theory 

    Martinez Ortiz, Araceli; Warshauer, Hiroko; Rodriguez Amaya, Laura; Garcia Torres, Sara (2018-06)

    A science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) summer intervention program is the setting for a career-exploration research study with over 30 adolescent students in a low-income community. Using motivation ...

  • Teachers’ Conceptions of Technology, School Policy and Teachers’ Roles When Using Technology in Instruction 

    Obara, Samuel; Nie, Bikai; Simmons, John (Modestum, 2018)
    This case study invested effort in capturing individual teachers’ responses to their conceptions of technology and school policy on technology, and how they actually or intentionally used technology, to clarify what roles ...
  • The Efficiency of Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting in the Presence of Autocorrelated Disturbances 

    White, Alexander; Safi, Samir (Canadian Center of Science and Education, 2016-02)
    We compare three forecasting methods, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) ANNs), Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA) and Regression models . Using computer simulations, the major finding reveals that in the ...
  • Journaling to Support Student Learning: The Case of an Elementary Number Theory Course 

    Starkey, Christina M.; Warshauer, Hiroko; Warshauer, Max (University of Montana, 2019)
    The use of journals in supporting student learning in elementary number theory is explored. Implications are made for the use of reflective writing for the teaching and learning of proofs and for undergraduate mathematics ...
  • Mathematical Modeling Cycles as a Task Design Heuristic 

    Czocher, Jennifer A. (University of Montana, 2017)
    There are many approaches to task design (Watson & Ohtani, 2015) from a large number of local and global design heuristics. The purpose of this paper is to present how mathematical modeling cycles, a popular way of describing ...
  • Hemimethylation Patterns in Breast Cancer Cell Lines 

    Sun, Shuying; Lee, Yu Ri; Enfield, Brittany (Sage, 2019)
    DNA methylation is an epigenetic event that involves adding a methyl group to the cytosine (C) site, especially the one that pairs with a guanine (G) site (ie, CG or CpG site), in a human genome. This event plays an important ...
  • Integrative Analysis of Gene Expression and Methylation Data for Breast Cancer Cell Lines 

    Li, Catherine; Lee, Juyon; Ding, Jessica; Sun, Shuying (BioMed Central Ltd., 2018-06)

    Background: The deadly costs of cancer and necessity for an accurate method of early cancer detection have demanded the identification of genetic and epigenetic factors associated with cancer. DNA methylation, ...

  • Within-sample Co-methylation Patterns in Normal Tissues 

    Sun, Lillian; Sun, Shuying (Springer, 2019)

    Background: DNA methylation is an epigenetic event that may regulate gene expression. Because of this regulation role, aberrant DNA methylation is often associated with many diseases. Within-sample DNA co-methylation ...

  • Findings of the Dynamic Geometry Project at Texas State University 

    Dickey, Edwin; Jiang, Zhonghong; White, Alexander; Webre, Brittany (Texas State University, 2016-10)
    No abstract prepared.

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