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Recent Submissions

  • Reflection on the Pursuit of Professional Architectural Identity 

    Spencer, Bobbi J. (2017-07)
    Architecture incorporates art and science with the discipline, skills, and theoretical grounding that enable an architect to produce a structure that creatively joins the requirements of the client, culture, time period, ...
  • Changing Patterns of Water, Access, and Public Discourse in the Lower Colorado River Valley of Texas, 1970-2015 

    Lavy, Brendan L. (2017-07)
    This mixed-methods study analyzes changes in water, access, and public discourse in the lower Colorado River valley of Texas from 1970 to 2015. The waters of the lower Colorado River have sustained urban populations and ...
  • Hardware Accelerator for Elias Gamma Code 

    Ranganathapura Chandrai G, Karuna (2017-06)
    Elias Gamma code, developed by Peter Elias, is a universal lossless compression method applied to unbounded positive integers. Extensive research on this coding technique has led to the development of many derivatives. ...
  • Education in the News Media 

    Wubbena, Zane C. (2017-07)
    The dissertation examined the relationship between education and the news media. In particular, I examined educational policy and pedagogy in the news media. In this sense, education served as the subject of investigation, ...
  • Save the Princess: Depictions of Gender in Indie Video Games 

    Beaubien, Jon (2017-07)
    Since their initial development in the 1960s, video games have grown to become one of the most economically and culturally significant forms of media in modern society. Due to the interactive nature of video games, where ...
  • Pixelated Profiles: A Video Game Character Trait Analysis 

    Jones, Amanda Michelle (2017-07)
    The video game industry is one of the fastest growing forms of entertainment in recent years. Women and non-White gamers make up a substantial number of gamers, but are misrepresented within the video games themselves. ...

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